N1 Up

On average every fifth man worldwide suffers from erection problems. N1 up is a potency-promoting herbal remedy, which can now be used without any chemicals.

Long before Viagra existed, men with erectile dysfunction were offered various “miracle cures” in the form of drops, ointments or tablets, which promised a lot, but usually have no effect.

Even though there are more chemical products on the market, the market for organic remedies is open and very interesting because they cause less or no side effects.

To produce a potency-enhancing product on an organic basis is much more complicated and also more expensive than you might think. But the effort was worth it, because N1 up makes new friends all over the world every day

The product N1 up is aimed at two different target groups:
On the one hand it is for single men and couples who expect more from love and want to improve their intimate love life. Thanks to the natural ingredients, pleasure and endurance are to be increased.

On the other hand, on average every fifth man worldwide suffers from erection problems.
For these reasons, the demand for sexual enhancers for men continues to rise every year and is responsible for billions in sales.


The ingredients of N1 up are not any plant extracts, but only the best of their kind. The differences between the approximately 30 different ginsenoids are minimal, but their effect is serious.

Of the more than 200 species of Mumijo (Shilajit) cultivated in the Himalayan region, only 2-3 variants can be used for N1 up.

Ginseng extract is made from the rare and particularly pure red Korean root.

Goji extract from Tibet is an important nutrient and vital substance in N1 up and leads to enormous power and energy reserves.

Cylon cinnamon has been proven to promote love. It strengthens man’s strength and promotes blood circulation!